Keep Your Family Safe with SanPalBB Sanitizer Buddies! is a company starting out of a desire to help provide aid to those who truly need it during these hard times: our friends, neighbors, and loved ones. The people we can’t live without. As such, we have dedicated a lot of time and thought to design Sanitizer Buddies to be something more than just hand sanitizer. We wanted them to be little buddies that your children and loved ones can take with them everywhere, and even strike up a conversation with them and their unique looks.



Our goal is not to maintain massive profits. It is simply to give our loved ones, and yours, a more fun and reliable way to keep one of life’s biggest necessities on hand during troubling times.



Our products are designed to protect your loved ones. So, we naturally decided that all materials used should be safe for children and adults alike. Our products are certified by the leading organizations to ensure that your family is safe while using them, and we’ll never deviate from that path.


Hand sanitizer is boring. We are willing to admit that no one waves their sanitizer around like they have a brick of gold. That is why we believe in creating fun, entertaining Sanitizer Buddies that you can proudly show off and enjoy looking at.


We have built our Sanitizer Buddies to be on you at all times.

Stay Safe - Stay Healthy!

Sanitizer Buddies are also designed to be clipped onto a backpack, belt loop, or any other thing that your cherished family member might have on them at all times to ensure that they always have a way to sanitize; especially during such troubling times as the Covid-19 pandemic.

Buying your beloved family member a Sanitizer Buddy is more than just handing them a bottle of hand sanitizer. It’s saying “I love you” in the most meaningful way by protecting their health. When it comes to little ones, it’s like handing them a toy that will help protect them during times when their health isn’t guaranteed. In many ways, a Sanitizer Buddy isn’t just a neat novelty; it is a necessity.